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Time Saving Tips & Ideas


The Fastrack Enterprise system includes several tools and features to assist in navigating the software. When used on a regular basis, many of the features increase user efficiency and lead to a better understanding of the application’s logic. The following are just a few examples of frequently used features:


Within Patient Notes , Fastrack has included the ability to create and store frequently used notes. Rather than having to manually key in the text of a new note, the Fastrack user may instead choose to select one that has been previously saved. To accomplish this, enter and save the note in Rx Text Entry found in Rx/PA Maintenance. When the note entry area of a new patient note is double-clicked, a window will display showing the saved notes from which a selection may be made. Before saving in the patient, the note may be edited to suit individual circumstances.



The Shortcut Toolbox  is located in the upper right-hand corner of most of the system’s menus. Within the toolbox, a Fastrack user can easily move between the test company and live environment, change branches, set tasks and reminders, and move quickly to different areas of File Maintenance. To change between the live and test environment, within the Shortcut Toolbox, click the first icon titled Select Company  and choose the appropriate company. To select a branch to work in, click the second icon titled Select Branch  and choose the desired branch. A Fastrack user can also select a company or branch by accessing the Select Level  icon to display an organization chart.



Task Manager  , the last icon displayed in the Shortcut Toolbox, is an easy way to create and send reminders to one or more Fastrack users. Simply click the New Task icon to display a window in which details of a task can be created. For users of the installed version of Fastrack, the Shortcut Toolbox icon will flash , indicating that a task is due for completion.



At the bottom of the Shortcut Toolbox, the second tab is File Maintenance. From within the File Maintenance tab, a Fastrack user can easily move to different areas of File Maintenance. Upon exiting, the user will be returned to the screen from which the shortcut toolbox was accessed.



The Fastrack Windows Tree is a new and highly anticipated feature that allows for an unlimited number of windows to be open in Fastrack.


In the menu bar at the top of each Fastrack screen (not including search screens), there is now an option called Windows  . Click on this option to open the Windows Tree to the left of the Fastrack screen. As screens are opened in Fastrack, they will remain in the Windows Tree until exited from. Double-click a screen in the Windows Tree to have it appear on the monitor. When multiple monitors are utilized at the workstation, Fastrack windows can be dragged and dropped between them.


When a patient’s start date has been incorrectly entered and saved, it cannot be changed directly on the patient record. To change a patient’s start date, with the Patient Maintenance screen displayed, press CRTL-PGDN on the keyboard to access the Edit Patient’s Admit and SOC Date (First Record only) Utility. Please note that this cannot be used if the patient’s start date is blank (pending) or has had any previous SOC/Admit or Discharge dates.



I Entered the Wrong Serial Number Into Inventory! Now What??


A common error when entering serialized products is mistyping the serial number and updating the Inventory Transfer or Receiver’s Reports. To correct, create an inventory transfer, to the vendor, of the incorrect serial number and another inventory transfer to enter the correct one.


When utilized to their fullest extent, these features along with many others, make navigating Fastrack a breeze. Keep an eye out for future articles in the Fastrack Newsletter.



Referral Management System

Automates Patient Entry 

Fastrack’s Referral Management System facilitates entry of new referrals, assigning the patient to one or more HME, Infusion/Pharmacy, and/or Home Care Agency locations.  Ideal for call centers and operations with a centralized intake.


Customize the entry screens to meet your specific needs!  Display only those fields required during your intake process, even change the field names to match terminology that is familiar to your staff.  With the use of user defined fields, virtually any data can be captured.

  • Check eligibility “real-time”

  • Establish patient status: Active, Pending or Not Accepted

  • Allows for tracking the reason referral was not accepted.

  • Alerts key personnel at branch level by email and/or the Fastrack Task Manager, so your customer service staff at the branch knows to follow-up on new admissions.


Web Portal

Enhances Partner Relationships


The Web Portal is an online gateway to the Fastrack application for business partners including; physicians, sales reps and referral sources, as well as patients to review and enter information. 

  • Reduce paperwork and data entry.

  • Makes it easier for “partners” to do business with the provider and enhances the image of the business.

  • Helps integrate external sources with the Provider’s business. Helps generate new referral sources.

  • Automates the generation of new patients and orders.

  • Includes Referral Management System





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Fastrack MDI Update


On average 23% of
patients in client
databases are deceased!
Fastrack can automatically
remove these names
from look-up screens
improving the efficiency
of your system. If a
patient dies, MDI stops billing and alerts you to pick-up your equipment.


To learn more about
Fastrack MDI

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* Now includes check on patients date of birth



Fastrack Medicare Gateway


The most efficient way to submit claims, check eligibility, CSI and

Same & Similar Status!




Benefit from the extensive
reimbursement expertise of the
Fastrack Billing Service
by outsourcing your billing.
Save money by lowering
operating costs.

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