December 2011




Avoid the "Death" Penalty


with New Fastrack Service


By: Spencer Kay


A major problem for HME and Infusion Pharmacy providers is being virtually eliminated thanks to Fastrack MDI, a new service from Fastrack Healthcare Systems, Inc.  MDI uses a master death index database that is updated weekly to determine if patients in the provider’s system are deceased.  The availability of this service represents another “first” for the industry thanks to Fastrack.

Do you know

where your rental

equipment is?

A serious challenge facing providers is the consequences of a patient dying and not being notified.  This could lead to inappropriately billing for rental equipment as well as the financial loss due to not being able to retrieve the product in a timely manner.  Providers are constantly telling us that the deceased’s family, not knowing the provider owns the equipment, will discard it or sell it on eBay.

Upon signing on for the Fastrack MDI service, a complete check of the provider’s database is initiated. In the event there are patients found to be deceased; the system will insert the date of death in the patient record, automatically discharge the patient, place all open orders including rentals and recurring schedules on hold, create a pick-up ticket for equipment on rental and stops all related billing. This same procedure will take place each time a Fastrack client initiates a status check on an individual patient as well as when checking all patients with rental equipment, recurring supply orders and pending bills.  The Fastrack System will generate several reports including a list of deceased patients for a specific time frame.  This will help the collections staff in dealing with any open account balances.

The service will be available on or before January 1st, 2012 for Fastrack clients.  For Fastrack clients signing up by January 31st the set-up fee will be waived and the one time database check will be at a reduced fee.  The service is being expanded for providers utilizing other systems that can use the Fastrack interface for matching against the Fastrack MDI database.

To sign up for the service click here to download the Order Form.

For further information contact the Help Desk or you Fastrack Sales Representative.


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  * Delivery Automation - Confirm Orders Real-Time

  * Point of Care

  * Point of Sale - Touch Screen Enabled

  * QuickBooks Interface

  * General Ledger Interface to most third party

     accounting systems.

  * Document Management

  * Advanced Routing Optimization

  * Credit Card Processing

  * e-Commerce Storefront

  * Workers Compensation

  * Patient/Employee Scheduling

  * Fax Server

  * HL7 COM Object for Interfacing to hospital

  * Fastrack API for third party product integration

  * Interface to:

      - CPAPDropship

      - AuthentiDate

      - ADP Payroll

      - DSSI EDI Program


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*  Avoid the "Death"

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Fastrack Service










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