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EDI On-Line Purchasing


Fully automate the purchasing process with a standard Fastrack feature available to all clients. Fastrack EDI On-Line Purchasing facilitates the processing of purchase orders reducing the expense and time it takes to create and follow-up on them.


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On-Line Purchasing with

Cardinal Health and Graham Field

Key Features/Benefits

  • Send purchase orders electronically to vendors

  • Receive electronic order acknowledgements, advance ship notice/manifest and invoices from the vendors.

  • Invoices can automatically populate most third party Accounts Payable systems.

  • Receipt of advance ship notice will automatically confirm drop ship orders.

Fastrack works with the following vendors:

  • First Choice Medical Supply

  • Gulf South Medical Supply

  • Independence Medical

  • Invacare Supply Group

  • J & B Medical Supply

  • McKesson

  • Medline


The EDI transactions supported at this time by Fastrack include:

  • 810 is the response file containing the invoice from the vendor.

  • 832 is the Vendor Product/Price catalog. This file displays all of the products and their prices and can be imported into your system. Fastrack clients can establish a link between the Vendor Part Number and the Fastrack System Product Number; so they do not have to be manually entered.  Fastrack can also accept other product catalog files for import.

  • 850 is the electronic file sent to the vendor containing the purchase order.

  • 855 is the acknowledgement response file from the vendor. It confirms that the Vendor has received the 850 (the PO), and displays information such as the scheduled ship date, etc.

  • 856 is the Advance Ship Notice/Manifest file used to indicate the order has been shipped, listing the contents of a shipment of goods as well as additional information related to the shipment, such as order information, product description, physical characteristics, type of packaging, carrier information, etc.

Sending the Electronic Purchase Order

The user can send the Purchase Order (850) file directly from the Fastrack Purchase Order module by clicking on the Send EDI 850 File icon, after the PO entry is completed. This creates the 850 file and opens up the ftp site for the user to send the file.



The On-Line Purchasing system displays the EDI 850 Transmission Report.



Clicking this button and choosing the appropriate vendor enables the user to download the response file.



855 Order Acknowledgement

To verify the PO has been received by the vendor and to retrieve an estimated ship date the user can select the 855 file they received from the Vendor and display or print the report.




The system captures the Scheduled Ship Date from the report and auto populates the field in the PO list.


856 Advance Ship Notice/Manifest

The user can select the appropriate 856 to obtain shipping information related to a specific purchase order.  In the event of a drop shipment, the Fastrack software automatically confirms the delivery, moving the patient’s order into the billing process, eliminating the manual confirmation process.


Print 810 Response File

The EDI 810 response file received from the vendor can be printed or imported into a third party accounts payable system.  After the file is selected the invoice is generated. For Fastrack software clients: A copy of the invoice will appear in the document management system.



The system captures the Tracking Number, Invoice No., Invoice Date and Invoice Due Date as well as auto populates the product related fields including pricing.


Purchase Order Transaction Daily

The Purchase Order History screen shows all captured data from the 855 and 810 Response files.



Import Vendor Catalogs & Price Lists


Vendor Catalog/Price List

Utilizing the Fastrack import wizard you can import practically any catalog file from your vendors. Eliminate manual data entry by importing an electronic file.  Select just those products from your vendor's catalog you wish to add to the Fastrack product database.


The user has the ability to view the contents of the imported file.  From this screen the user can select products they wish to load to their product database and make modifications to the file if necessary.  A link can be established between the vendor’s part number and the user’s internal part number for a specific product.



The system will auto-populate the Product#, "Old Cost", "Old Retail" column. "Old Cost" and "Old Retail" comes from the vendor part link in the system.  New Products: If the Vendor Part Number is not linked, the user can click on the new button to create the product number and link to the vendor part number. This will take the user to the product entry screen and will default the vendor number, product number, and the Product Description which all can be changed or the user can link that part number to their own product codes.





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