June 2011




CSI (Claim Status Inquiry) & Same or Similar 

By: Gail Zainfeld


Now you can verify your patient’s Medicare Eligibility quickly, easily and inexpensively through Fastrack’s online real time CSI check.   Claim Status Inquiry (CSI) gives the ability to electronically check and obtain the status of claims up to 27 months for all paid, denied, and pended claims that are transmitted electronically or submitted via paper.   Not only can the responses be retrieved but they can also be permanently saved in Patient Notes within the Fastrack application.


Same or Similar gives the ability to electronically check to see if a beneficiary is or has received the same or similar equipment.   Information included in the retrieved file from Medicare is as follows; Submitted HCPCS, Submitted Modifier, Approved HCPCS, Approved Modifier, Initial Date, Recertification/Revised Date, Length of Need, Last Day Item Billed, Total Rental Payments, Name of Supplier, Supplier Phone Number, and the Supplier Number.   Same or Similar records can also be saved in Patient Notes.


Once a User Name and Password is obtained from DMEMAC it is entered into Fastrack under a newly created CSI Request tab in Company Edit.


Clicking on the tab displays the CSI Request Settings section.



The CSI Request functionality can be accessed by going through Patient Edit if the patient already exists on the system or Patient Maintenance if the patient is not yet on file but you have the HIC number readily available.


In Patient Edit, we have added CSI Request as an option in the Patient drop-down menu.



In Patient Maintenance, we have added a button for CSI Request.



Clicking on the above CSI Request button or on CSI Request in the Patient drop-down menu in Patient Edit will display the following screen.



You have two search options as to how to display claims.

  1. CSI – When you click on the CSI radio button, you can then select either the All Dates radio button or the Service Date Range radio button. If you select All Dates, all claims will be displayed. If you select Service Date Range, you must enter a starting date and an ending date for the claims.

  2. Same & Similar – When you click on the Same & Similar radio button, the HCPC field below it becomes enabled. Enter a HCPC code that you wish to search by.

When you click on the Make Request button with CSI selected, in the previous screen, the screen will display similarly to the following:



If Same & Similar was selected, instead of CSI, and you click on the Make Request button, the screen will display similar to the following:



Both CSI and Same/Similar reports can be printed or saved in the patient note file.


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