November 2011




2010SP3-5010 Release Enhancements


By: Gail Zainfeld


Fastrack is proud to announce the release of Version 2010SP3-5010.  This version contains many exciting enhancements including:

  • Electronic Formats for both 5010A1 for CEDI, ZirMed, Emdeon, and those state Medicaid’s that are ready for testing.

  • D.0 Format for on-line adjudication of drug claims (Please see article below)

  • Fastrack Advanced Routing System which automates and optimizes the routing of delivery vehicles determining which orders should go on each vehicle taking into account criteria such as: delivery time, location, and weight capacity. The system produces turn by turn directions per vehicle for all stops.

  • Lab Value Tracking Module which enables users to add lab results to the system and track them on a patient basis.

  • Doctor Alerts

  • Document Imaging-added ability to move images from one patient, doctor, referral, product, or salesperson to another.

  • Patient Facility Maintenance-This area has been added so that users can effectively manage the facilities, nursing homes, or assisted living centers that patients reside in.

In addition to the features listed above we have added many others in Version 2010SP3 released in July 2011 that you might have missed.  Here are just a few……..

  • AR Transfer/Open AR Changes (Rebill Claims)-Changes have been made to this area so that when AR is transferred from one carrier to another it can create a source report and be processed through billing.  All billing criteria and hold options can now be taken into account when creating the new claim.

  • Pre-Bill Private-The flag for pre-billing private (self-pay) has been moved to the patient entry/edit screen so that users can select this option on an individual basis.

  • Field Application-The following has been added to the delivery module to make it easier to collect information for FDA compliance; mileage, add signature, and patient information screen to display FDA checkboxes.

  • Added Previous Months Billed to the order entry/edit screen to ensure proper billing of capped rental items requiring monthly modifiers.

  • Added ability to enter Patient Notes on multiple categories at the same time by holding down the SHFT-CTRL key

  • Scheduling Changes-Added an additional option to enable users to schedule orders for months with 5 weeks.

  • Changes made to Cash Bulk Write-Off’s to allow users to set up specific criteria when adjusting off claims in bulk

  • Advanced Document Management-enhancements have been made to the imaging module to allow users to search, scan, and batch scan documents.  Barcodes can also be attached to a user document for scanning purposes.

  • Referral Management System-This module allows for the management of patient referrals prior to their becoming actual patients in the system.  CSI functionality is now available in this module with patient eligibility to be available soon.

Be sure to check out the full release notes located in the application under the Fastrack Documentation Manager Button.  In addition, a recorded session is available which highlights many of the new enhancements.  Please contact the training department at Ext: 5054 or at for the passwords.



Announcing New Features Related to

Pharmacy Online Adjudication and NCPDP D.0!


By: Kimberly Commito


Time to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new!  Fastrack is rolling out an entire new set of features and functionality around the NCPDP D.0 format changes, mandatory for online pharmacy claiming January 1st 2012.  With the industry wide changes imminent – replacing the NCPDP5.1 requirements – Fastrack has incorporated new online adjudication features that allow YOU the user to control your Pay Plans, has added flexibility during the online adjudication transaction process and has expanded the system in various ways to manage and report on your adjudicated records.


Configuring Pay Plans

In an effort to address the various requirements for each different pay plan that you might adjudicate claims to, we have provided a Pay Plan Configuration area to designate the segments, data fields and even the default data the pay plan requires for submissions.



We have pre-loaded thousands of pay plans for you begin the process of configuration, but of course you can add your own pay plans on the fly. 




Configuration options include the ability, by transaction type, to indicate segments to send or not send and/or data to within those segments to include or not include in your transmissions.



The user can control what fields are required, optional, mandatory, situational, or can even set a segment or field to ignore to avoid pay plan rejections when transmitting claims.


Copy features and on the fly edit capability from within claim adjudication screens allows for easy setup and management of the varying pay plans.


Adjudicating Your Claims

The new version no longer is dependent on modem connectivity and transactions will be processed via secure internet communications. Adjudicating your claims has never been simpler!


In addition adjudication screens can now be modified on the fly as well, making the process of claiming much easier and flexible.  All of the related data fields are available for review prior to submission and responses are brought back from the payer and stored historically for ease of claim review.




Adjudication Management

New Adjudication Management options allow you to filter for specific claims, work from a list to adjudicate claims, and export data for reporting purposes:




Look for a listing of WebEx Sessions on Fastrack’s Online Training Center!  We will be offering FREE WebEx classes regarding this new functionality so you can be ready to switch on January 1st and use these exciting new features!




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*  2010SP3-5010

Release Enhancements


*  Announcing New Features

Related to Pharmacy

Online Adjudication

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New Features in 2010SP3-5010 Release!