October 2011




Fastrack Unveils New Features at Medtrade


By: Spencer Kay

The recent Medtrade Show in Atlanta was a huge success for Fastrack.  In addition to adding a significant number of new providers to our client list, we had the opportunity to meet with many of you and sincerely appreciate the very positive feedback and suggestions.


Fastrack demonstrated many of the new features coming out in Release 2010SP3-5010 including; our 5010 Compliance (please see next article), the new advanced version of our routing offering powerful optimization capabilities, lab value tracking, D.0 Adjudication for drug claims, Doctor Alerts and the newly enhanced Referral Management Web Portal to name a few.

Representatives from the Fastrack Billing Service as well as business partners ZirMed and AR Allegiance were at Fastrack's booth to meet with clients regarding their services including the integration with the Fastrack software.

Medtrade 2011 Sara Hines of ZirMed,

a Fastrack Business Partner

at Medtrade 2011



Release 2010SP3-5010


5010 Compliance


By: Jose Nebro

Fastrack has certified with ZirMed, Emdeon, and CEDI for the 5010 transactions of 837P and 835. In addition, we have been certified with Medicaid in the states that were ready for testing for 5010 837P, 837I and 835. We continue to test with the few remaining states as they notify us they are available for testing.


In the Company Edit screen, under the Additional Settings tab, the screen now displays as follows: 


If you submit claims through Fastrack and you are using CEDI, you must switch to ANSI 5010 for Medicare by checking Medicare Claims. This will take precedence over the Provider Information selection of 4010 for Medicare, Emdeon, and ZirMed.


Note: We have added check boxes for Medicare Eligibility, Emdeon Eligibility, and Zirmed Eligibility. While all the coding is there, we are still testing the 270/271 eligibility therefore this functionality is not live yet (you will be informed when it does go live) so please do not check the eligibility options. 

  • You can no longer use a P.O. box in the address field of the Company or Branch screens. If your company is using Lock Box addresses they can be entered as remittance addresses and will need to be linked to an insurance carrier, company, or branch.

  • The zip code entered in Company or Branch must use a 9-digit zip code.

  • If services are provided in a facility, and you have a place of service code other than 12, entered in Patient Maintenance, make certain that the Facility Address does not have a P.O. box and that it does have a 9-digit zip code and an NPI number entered.

  • With 5010, the following codes are available for Signature Source:


Note: In addition, you can leave it blank if the signature is generated by an entity other than the patient, according to state and federal law. 

  • With 5010, the following codes are available for Release of Info fields


On the Emc Routines screen, we have added 999 Response to 997 and 277S Response to 277, in order to conform to 5010 requirements. 999 and 277S will be provided for claims sent in 5010 format. 


There were many other changes related to 5010 with the structure of the file itself (segments added, segments deleted), all of which are handled during the claim batch creation process.


835 Processing


The system is able to process 835 (ERA) files in both the 4010 and the 5010 formats, you will start seeing these 5010 files available at the Fastrack Medicare Gate Way ready for download.

The name of the file will identify the format, for the 4010 files the name will have the following pattern 835.XXXXXX.XXX.XXX, while the 5010 will have a “X” after the 835 at the beginning of the file as in 835X.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXX.XX.




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