September 2011




Selecting Multiple Note Categories in Patient Notes


By: Gail Zainfeld



New functionality has been added to the system to allow users to save notes to multiple Patient Notes Categories at one time.  Simply hold down the CTL key and select the categories that you would like the note saved to then click on the NEW icon and enter in the note.



Once the note has been saved, the screen will display the User Name, Date/Time and Note.  There will be an entry for each category that the note was created for.



To view the note within each individual category, simply select the category and the note will appear as seen below.



In addition, users can print notes for multiple selected categories as well.  Simply select the categories by holding down the CTL Key prior to hitting the print icon at the top of the screen.  All of the notes will print together on one form.



Fastrack Combines the EMC & Paper Claim Submission Screens


By: Barbara Sarrett


The claim submission screens for EMC and Paper have been combined into one submission Screen with flags that enable you to select either Paper or EMC transmission. You can further narrow your search by selecting the Primary Claims Only, or Xover Claims Only flags.

The following is how the Claims Submission screen will display

if you select EMC on the screen.


This will greatly streamline the

submission process for you.




In the Submitted column, a Run Number can have one of four statuses (for both EMC and Paper Forms:



N = Not Submitted: Nothing has
been submitted


S = Secondary Only: Only Xover Claims were submitted


P = Primary Only: Only Primary Claims were submitted


Y = Submitted: All claims have been submitted





For Wholesale and Private bill types, the only flags visible on the screen are Separate Claims By Service Date and Separate

Claims By Invoice Number.





If Paper Form is selected and the
flag Non-Assigned only is selected,
 the Primary Claims Only and Xover Claims Only flags are not visible
on the screen

The following is how the Claims Submission screen will display

  if you select Paper Form on the screen.





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*  Fastrack Combines the

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