On-Line Purchasing


Order from vendors without the time consuming phone calls or faxes. Order on-line from Invacare Supply Group, Medline, Gulf South, McKesson, First Choice, Independence Medical and other wholesalers and manufacturers.

Networking Web Portal


Now your business partners can securely access and enter data via the web. Physicians can complete CMNs on-line. Referral sources can enter new patients. Sales Reps and clients can enter orders, virtually eliminating the need to enter data in the office.

Internet StoreFront


The Fastrack StoreFront offers providers a full solution to create a professional Internet presence to start generating additional revenue, accept insurance, credit and debit cards, Paypal and more. Orders and client information flow directly into the Fastrack System.

Available Standalone or
Integrated with Fastrack!



Fastrack Process Scheduler




Document Management


Facilitates the creation of a separate ERN835 for each patient, placing a copy in the patient record. Batch scan documents including delivery tickets for automatic insertion into the patient record.




Respond to competitive bidding reimbursement pressures by reducing your operating cost through automation.  In order to automate lengthy processes and reports, Fastrack has developed the Fastrack Process Scheduler service application. It allows you to automate Fastrack processes so that they can be set to run at a predetermined date and time of your choosing.  This application gives you a big step towards further optimization of your business process as now all these processes can be scheduled to run overnight or in some cases, on weekends, and have the results ready when you get to the office in the morning.


Fastrack’s Process Scheduler release features a considerable list of new workflow automation functions to improve productivity. Fastrack clients have the capability to schedule in advance when the system will run key financial reports. The reports are automatically sent by email to all appropriate staff at the time designated. The reports

can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly with different data elements depending on the specific report chosen, such as:

  • Sales Journal
  • Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Orders On Hold
  • Billing On Hold

Among the typical reports that a provider might want to have on a regular schedule to be automatically sent to key personnel, a major enhancement was made to the billing

process as well.  Billing processes can now be segmented to match the existing processes of the provider offering greater flexibility and control as it can be run by specific

user(s), bill type including Medicare, Medicaid, one or more insurance carriers, wholesale/facility, private pay and/or workers compensation claims as well as type of order

such as delivery, exchange, maintenance, etc.