On-Line Purchasing


Order from vendors without the time consuming phone calls or faxes. Order on-line from Invacare Supply Group, Medline, Gulf South, McKesson, First Choice, Independence Medical and other wholesalers and manufacturers.

Networking Web Portal


Now your business partners can securely access and enter data via the web. Physicians can complete CMNs on-line. Referral sources can enter new patients. Sales Reps and clients can enter orders, virtually eliminating the need to enter data in the office.

Internet StoreFront


The Fastrack StoreFront offers providers a full solution to create a professional Internet presence to start generating additional revenue, accept insurance, credit and debit cards, Paypal and more. Orders and client information flow directly into the Fastrack System.

Available Standalone or
Integrated with Fastrack!



Fastrack Homecare Pharmacy fully automates the Clinical and Business Operations of Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy Providers

In today’s Homecare Pharmacy industry, you need software solutions that address all aspects of providing pharmacy products to patients at home.  Fastrack is your COMPLETE Pharmacy Software Solution.  Through options in our software suite, focused on Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy, processing of prescriptions, electronic clinical management of the patient record, maintaining an accurate inventory, real time billing for reimbursement and improved cash flow and accounts receivable management are all evident to support this unique area of the Homecare industry.  At Fastrack we understand your need to process prescription items from different perspectives, based on the clinical management of the patient, reimbursement requirements and inventory control issues.


Our system provides several options for dispensing of items through our Pharmacy solutions, so that you can immediately bill through NCPDP D.0 format, including diabetic supplies and equipment, specialty pharmacy medications and Home Infusion compounded items.  We recognize what it takes to keep you moving forward in an ever changing industry!



  • Home Infusion Prescription Management

    • Rx Entry and Management

    • Dispensing Management with workflow tools to support a streamlined clinical management of your patient’s therapies

  • Specialty Pharmacy Management

    • RX Entry and Management

    • Dispensing Management with streamlined data entry for your non-compounded prescriptions and automated refill processes to this potential high volume area of the industry

  • Inventory Control for even those difficult to manage variable assay medications for management of your Hemophilia patients

  • Online Adjudication features including consolidated work flow management tools for claims processing and enhanced reporting

  • Ancillary Supply Order Management

  • Nursing Visit Management

  • Drug Interactions including industry standard drug information sheets which are patient specific and customizable

  • Pharmacy Related Reports

  • Pharmacy File Maintenance area allowing for the unique configuration of your Fastrack software solution, including:

    • RX Workflow Setup

    • RX Custom Fields

    • Dispensing Custom fields

    • Text Template Maintenance

    • Prescription Templates

    • Supply Templates

    • Care Plans

    • Assessments

    • Code Maintenance items including:

      • Therapies

      • Frequencies

      • ICD9/10 codes

      • Dispensing fees

      • Status Code Maintenance

  • Fastrack’s TPN calculator functionality is fully integrated with the Fastrack Homecare Pharmacy System and includes an interface to most BAXA Compounders. With one point of data entry for these complicated compounds, errors are reduced and valuable pharmacist time to manage these types of prescriptions, is minimized. With numerous data entry options, orders received from physicians in a variety of ways, can be accommodated. Whether the prescription calls for specific ingredients, total number of calories – including the ability to balance the total carbohydrates, proteins and fats, or total attribute amounts, the Fastrack TPN Calculator can manage the calculations. With a fully customizable TPN formulary, the ability to pool electrolytes, enter specific intrinsic and attribute values for tracking and calculation, is all available at your fingertips. In addition, clinical reporting tools, reflecting the total nutritional amounts of the various ingredients within a compound, specific gravity calculations, osmolarity and more, are available.

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